Protecting Your Water Supply

Backflow contamination can be dangerous and in addition to a loss of fresh water, your health could be at risk. This is why it is important that you have backflow prevention devices installed and maintained by certified, professional plumbers. A backflow prevention device can help ensure that your water is safe and clean. If you are worried about backflow contamination, call the highly trained professional plumbers at Reed and Son Services, LLC today.

What Is Backflow?

The cross-connections in your home’s plumbing system are points at which non-potable water can come in contact with potable water, and are a pathway by which backflow can occur. This can arise from a number of situations, including reduced pressure in your plumbing’s distribution system or as the result of backpressure from a non-potable water source. When situations like these occur, the direction of your water changes and potentially contaminated water flows back into your distribution system.

Backflow Prevention

Causes of backflow can include:

  • Main breaks
  • Flushing
  • Pump failure
  • Emergency firefighting water drawdown
  • When heating and/or cooling systems, waste disposal, or industrial manufacturing is connected to the potable water supply

When backflow occurs, chemical, as well as biological contaminants, can enter your water supply, leading to illness and even death. Installing and maintaining backflow prevention devices can mitigate and prevent dangerous backflow in your home’s plumbing.

As a family owned and local business, we are committed to bringing you the best plumbing services. With 30 years of experience, we provide backflow prevention services. We are large enough to handle any backflow problem but small enough that you matter. When you call Reed and Son Services, LLC, our plumbers will provide you with the affordable, personalized service you are looking for.