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Your home is filled with pipes, drains, and valves that allow you to operate appliances and transport water to different areas of your home. If any of those parts fail, you could be stuck without fresh water and with a huge mess. That’s why having a trustworthy plumbing contractor on hand to help is vital. Reed and Son Services offers a full range of plumbing services.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable plumbing services. Whether you are in need of a water treatment service, garbage disposal repair, gas line service, or water heater installation, we are here to help. Our highly-qualified plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to get your plumbing system back up and running.

Some Of Our Comprehensive Plumbing Services Include:

  • Bathroom Plumbing and Fixtures: Not every toilet problem can be fixed with a plunger. Not every shower clog will eventually drain. We can help you transform your bathroom into your dream space that you can trust will be functional and reliable.
  • Kitchen Plumbing and Fixtures: If you are having trouble with the plumbing in your kitchen, everything can come to a grinding halt. Our licensed and experienced plumbers will repair or replace your fixtures to ensure your most used room in your home is exactly what you want and need.
  • Drain Cleaning: Whether water is going down your drain much too slowly or it’s not going down at all, a clogged drain needs attention right away to get water flowing and keep your pipes safe.
  • Water Heater Repair and Installation: We provide comprehensive water heater services for tank and tankless water heaters. We can replace your current unit if it is beyond repair.
  • Water Treatment, Filtration and Softener Systems: Everyone needs safe, reliable drinking water free of chemicals and contaminants that may enter the water pipes between the main and your faucet.
  • Piping Services: Your water line is responsible for carrying the water your entire home uses to different fixtures. With such an important job, it’s essential to have your water line properly maintained and repaired.
  • Well Pumps and Tanks: Our team of professional well plumbers can inspect and detect problems with your well pump and tank, and provide expert solutions that will have things functioning at optimal levels.

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    Our plumbing service team has over 60 years of combined service in the plumbing industry and is always ready to offer you top-quality, affordable service. We even provide our customers with a 1-year guarantee on all work completed. Give our plumbing service specialists a 240-315-6023 today to find out how we can help you.