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Faucet Repair and Installation

Anyone who’s had a leaking faucet knows that you may be able to ignore it during the day, even though you shouldn’t, but once nighttime hits, you’re bound to hear that irritating “drip, drip, drip.” While faucet drips are definitely annoying to listen to, if they’re not repaired, that little leak could have you spending hundreds of extra dollars on your utility bills from wasted water. In order to avoid that, you’ll want to call Reed and Son Services for a faucet repair right away.

The best case is a leaky faucet can be solved by replacing a small part, such as washers, O-rings or broken valves. Even though they seem simple, these repairs are best done by a trained professional plumber rather than as a do-it-yourself project. At Reed and Son Services, our team is made up of highly-experienced plumbing technicians who are able to provide you with affordable and efficiently faucet repairs.

Free Consultation for Garbage Disposal Service

When was the last time you really thought about how helpful your garbage disposal is? We’re guessing it’s not too often. If we had to name a seriously underappreciated device in your kitchen, your disposal would take the prize. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply throw food scraps into the disposal, flip the switch, and walk away. While your garbage disposal can usually stay in good condition for years with very little maintenance, it won’t stay in perfect condition forever.

Common Disposal Issues

  • Clogs or jams:
    This often happens when homeowners toss the wrong kinds of foods or too much food into the disposal.
  • Overheating:
    Your unit can overheat if it has been overfilled or has been running too long.
  • Leaking:
    If your garbage disposal is leaking, it may be because a seal around parts of the unit are corroded and need repairing.
Garbage Disposal

Your disposal is made up of many different parts, the most dangerous being the blades used to pulverize food scraps. In order to keep yourself safe and avoid losing any parts during a DIY repair, you should employ the help of a professional drain cleaning plumber. The experts at Reed and Son Services can fix or replace your garbage disposal at an affordable cost. If you need a skilled plumbing service, call us at 240-315-6023.