PFAS in Mount Airy Wells

As you are probably aware, PFAS has been detected in some Mount Airy Town wells. While the town diligently works to address PFAS in the water, there are steps that we can take to reduce your exposure to PFAS chemicals in your home and community. As a reminder, boiling water does not remove PFAS.


Types of PFAS PFOS PFOA PFHxS PFAS or Per-fluoroalkyl and Poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are a large group of man-made chemicals that have been used in many industrial processes and consumer products since 1940. PFAS chemicals persist in the environment and in the human body for long periods of time. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recent evidence suggests that high levels of PFAS in drinking water can lead to adverse health outcomes.


What can I do about PFAS in the water coming into my home?

Before taking any action you may want to test your water. Home PFAS Tests are available. Since PFAS is measured in parts per trillion (PPT), the town recommends that the lab performing the analysis is certified to test for PFAS. If the test results cause you concern, contact us for a Free Estimate on treating your situation.