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Reed and Son Services, LLCIsn’t it irritating when you go to take a shower and the water all but trickles out of the showerhead? What about when you need a fill a pot with water to start cooking and it takes several minutes? Low water pressure from a well pump is inconvenient, but it’s not something you have to be stuck with. Our team of professional well plumbers here at Reed and Son Services can help inspect and detect the problem with your well pumps and tanks immediately, and provide expert solutions that will have your well pump functioning again at optimal levels in no time. Our well plumbers are experienced and trained to repair your well pumps and tanks in such a way as to prevent damage from occurring in the near future. We use high-quality well plumbing equipment that is designed for top-notch plumbing procedures. Trust us to be your home's well plumbers, and let us provide you with the home comfort and safety that you and your family truly deserve.

How Do Well Pumps Work?

Your well uses a pressure tank as a reservoir that holds and moves water through your home’s plumbing system. When the pressure in the tank reaches a certain level, the pump is stopped by a switch. The water is then pulled out of the tank and the system resets. Once the reservoir levels fall to a certain point, the pumps turns back on to refill the tank.

How To Tell If A Well Pump Is Bad

There are a number of ways that you can tell whether or not a well pump is bad, and functioning poorly. Below we have compiled a list of things that you can look out for to determine whether or not you have a faulty well pump.

Signs You Need Well Pump Repairs

  • Low water pressure
  • The well pump works but there is no water pressure at all
  • No water flowing from faucets
  • Constantly running pump
  • Dirty or discolored water
  • Air spitting from your faucets
  • Loud noises when you turn your faucet on
  • High electricity bills

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can result from improper installation of a well pump. If the well pump is positioned too near the top of the water level, water flow will be weak.

Well Pump Works, But No Water Pressure

Total loss of water pressure could indicate a piping problem or an issue with the well, but it can often be the result of a well pump breakdown.

No Water Flowing from Faucets

First, check on the electrical system to make sure the breaker connected to the well pump has not tripped. If it is not an electrical issue or a piping problem, you could have a well pump failure.

Constantly Running Pump

This is usually signaled by high water bills. There is a chance this is a leak in the piping or the pump pressure control switch is faulty. Otherwise, it is probably a sign of a bad well pump.

Dirty or Discolored Water

Replacing a pump can temporarily contaminate a well until the well is flushed out or sanitized. Incorrect installation of a well pump can also cause problems.

Air Spitting From Your Faucets

If your well pump is leaking and pulling in air, it will spit out of faucets and fixtures on the other end.

Loud Noises When You Turn Your Faucet On

Loud noises usually indicate failing components on a water pump.

diagram of a private well system with a submersible well pump

High Electricity Bills

High electricity bills could be another sign that your well pump is bad and not functioning the way that it should be. A faulty well pump will affect your electricity bills because it reduces your home's overall water system efficiency, leading to high electricity bills. If you notice your electricity bill lately to be higher than usual, you may want to call a plumbing professional to get this checked out for you and see if your well pump is causing the problem.

Diagnosing a Well Pump Problem

In order to determine the necessary course of action, such as if you need a repair or an entirely new system, the Mount Airy plumbing experts at Reed and Son Services perform a thorough inspection of your well tank system.

We begin by checking your well pump for signs of corrosion or any loose or bad connections. Then, we test your system to see if it is near the end of its life and will, therefore, need replacing. To get a better idea of the condition of your well pump, we continue with a detailed inspection of the water tank and bladder piece.

If you’re in need of a well pump or tank repair or installation in Frederick County, Maryland, call Reed and Son Services at 240-442-1408.

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